Cairns, is a small city situated in the northern part of Queensland, Australia. The city lies in a unique region, on one side of the city are the beautiful tropical Rainforests, and on the other, The Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is 1700km from Brisbane by road, and approximately 2,400km from Sydney. Despite its location, there are numerous attractions surrounding Cairns and this places the city as the fourth most popular tourist location for international visitors in Australia, after the likes of metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Apart from the all year round tropical climate, the major pull for Cairns is definitely the Great Barrier Reef.

1. Glass Bottom Boat Cruise

A glass bottom boat gives tourists the opportunity to explore the Great Barrier Reef in a unique way; visitors can glide over the reef and look down on the corals and marine life. Cairns Glass bottom boat trips usually last around 30 minutes.

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2. Sky diving in Cairns

Skydiving is considered to be one of the top 10 activities to do in Cairns for tourists/travellers. The stunning views and amazing landscapes on offer while sky diving in Cairns are to simply astounding. For instance, just imagine falling through the sky towards an enticing beach where dolphins play in the surf, coupled with extraordinary views of the tropical coastline, and the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, you will be in for a great treat.

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3. The Atherton Tableland

The Atherton Tableland is Part of the Great Dividing Range of Queensland, Australia; the region is just an hour and forty minute, scenic drive southwest of Cairns. Tourist can take a day trip to the region and enjoy the small town with wetlands, rainforest, shops and restaurants. Nearby is the appealing Tinaroo Dam and Lake for hiking, fishing and more. There are several other lakes and national parks that surround Atherton and provide several other outdoor activities.

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4. ATV Quad Bike Adventure

Have the best time and do some sightseeing while driving a powerful all-terrain quad bike in the lush rainforests of Cairns. Some of the climbs are really steep, and the Creek crossings are really wet. You’re in for an exciting wet and wild ride! For instance, imagine masses of mud, rainforest and picturesque grassland to explore! Quad biking is a fun filled activity for both adults and kids. These bikes are suitable for all experience levels. You don’t need to be an expert or know how to ride, as there are guides to train you and ensure your safety.

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5. Adventure Sports

You can enjoy different adventure sport in Cairns. Travellers can take part in several activities in Cairns such as Snorkelling, Game Fishing, Whitewater Rafting, Scuba Diving, Jet Boating and many other adventurous activities. A visit to Cairns can be an unforgettable Australian experience.

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6. Spend Time at the Cairns Botanic Gardens

The Cairns Botanic Gardens are popular for having lovely exhibitions showcasing varieties of tropical plants year-round. You can relax amongst scenic surroundings and get more knowledge about the native and tropical flora of Australia. The Cairns Botanic Gardens are divided into five areas; the gardens are made up of The Gondwana Heritage Garden, Flecker Gardens, Freshwater and Saltwater Lakes, Watkins Munro Martin Conservatory and the Zhanjiang Friendship Gardens. The gardens are also home to Mount Whitfield Conservation Park, which has three linked walking trails along the slopes of Mount Whitfield.

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7. Kuranda Train & Skyrail Tour

Taking a trip from Cairns to Kuranda, the Kuranda Scenic Railway & Skyrail tour is an adventure that should not be missed by any tourist visiting Cairns. Dating back to the early 19th century, the Kuranda Scenic Railway is approximately a two hour ride that takes tourists/travellers from Cairns to Kuranda. The train moves its passengers smoothly through the Barron Gorge National Park, through the tropical rainforest, goes past different waterfalls, travels more than 40 bridges, and goes through 15 tunnels.

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8. Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Skyrail Rainforest Cableway is a world first in cableway tourism taking you on an astonishing adventure over Australia’s World Heritage listed Tropical Rainforest canopy and deep into the forest. The Skyrail rainforest cableway experience, is a must do Cairns tour and attraction stretching over 7.5kms of pristine rainforest, allowing you to experience the natural wonders of an ancient tropical rainforest and learn about one of the most botanically charming and diverse areas on earth.

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9. Palm Cove, Cairns

Palm Cove is a beautiful beach community in North Queensland spanning just 27 kilometres north of the city of Cairns. Palm Cove is named after the palm trees that grow in the beach area. This relaxing, quiet and unique village situated by the sea is has to several award winning and world class beach resorts, spas and restaurant. This tropical atmosphere is only 25 minutes north of the City of Cairns

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10. Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is located 29 kilometres southeast of Cairns, with transfers taking just 45 minutes by a high speed ferry. The Island is one of the most unspoiled islands on the Great Barrier Reef; the majority of Fitzroy Island is National Island Park – which includes, open woodland, mangroves, tropical pristine rainforest and coral beaches. Some of the fun filled activities you can explore while touring Fitzroy Island include hiking trails and walking, swimming, snorkelling, ocean trampoline, sea kayaking and viewing the reef from a glass bottom boat.

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