The Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens are an outstanding and enchanting place to visit anytime of the day or year. The gardens are built on top of an extinct volcano known as Wombat Hill which can be seen from most locations in Daylesford.

The main entrance to the gardens for vehicles is in Central Springs Road, each side of the Wombat Hill Gardens has an entrance for anyone walking to the gardens from nearby surrounding streets.

There is a scenic drive around the edge of the garden with a central car park near the Pioneer’s Memorial Tower, as you drive around you will see stunning tall trees and amazing views over Daylesford. Walk around the gardens and you will see so much more of these enchanting gardens, with each new discovery you will want to keep exploring down another path and around the next corner.

Each season brings new views and different plants will take their turn to surprise you with stunning colours of flowers or foliage. So it is a great idea to visit the gardens in each season to really experience the beauty of all the plants and flowers at their best.

Free Admission
Open Dawn to Dusk – Every Day
Address – Central Springs Road, Daylesford
Established in 1863 – 150 years old in 2013
Over ten acres of stunning gardens and views of Daylesford
One entrance for vehicles which can be parked in the central car park
Plenty of picnic areas and shade
‘Wombat Hill House Cafe’ in is the Gardens
Amenities available including disabled facilities
Several entrances for visitors that are walking to the gardens
Dogs on a leash are welcome

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