Wendouree Archery Club is based in Ballarat at Prince of Wales Park reserve. Wendouree Archery Club was established in 1941 as Ballarat Archers and underwent a few changes in the late 1940’s before taking on its current name. To date, this is the oldest registered archery club in Australia.

Archery is a social sport for the whole family, with our coaching courses catering for 5 to 80 year olds. We also offer a wide variety of skill levels, ranging from recreational to Olympic level and, of course, everything in between! Adding to the diversity of this sport is the range of different equipment available.

There is the Robin Hood style of bow known as the longbow, the Olympic style of bow known as the recurve bow and there is the modern style of bow known as the compound bow. Both the recurve and the compound can be used with or without sights.

Wendouree Archery Club caters for three types of Archery, Target and Field, and we provide coaching from Beginner to Intermediate levels.

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