Have TunzaFun At Our Xtreme Indoor Play Centre In Wantirna South!
Looking for an xtreme way to keep the kids entertained at one of the most exciting play centres in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne? Or perhaps you want to organise a fun corporate night out where your staff gets the opportunity to let their hair down and find their own inner child. Whether you’re 4 or 84, you’ll find so much to enjoy at TunzaFun Xtreme. NOW OPEN at Westfield Knox Ozone in Wantirna South, we’re the latest, safest and most creative indoor family entertainment centre in Melbourne..

Driven by our belief that Australians should enjoy a more active lifestyle while having TunzaFun, we bring you the world’s most advanced, colourful and dynamic style of indoor rock climbing in Melbourne – Funtopia! Not only do we have the world’s safest form of climbing activities for kids and adults, but it’s a great and fun way to really challenge one’s fears and give you that sense of accomplishment.

TunzaFun Xtreme features 34 of Funtopia’s best indoor rock climbing walls, including stairs that have a question every step of the way. Answer the questions correctly to reach the top! Or maybe you want to conquer the skyscraper?

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