We have professors working in their labs waiting for your call in Melbourne, Geelong and some rural areas around Victoria.
There will be an additional cost outside metro areas
We only cover Victoria at the moment.

The Science Experiments with Professor Brains include:

Super Absorbent Polymers is it magic or science?
Mini expanding spheres & gigantic expanding spheres!
Jessica Jelly Fish – Is it a trick?
Newton’s cradle
Magnetic Accelerator – now that’s speed!
Static Electricity – it’s not just about balloons & hair! (but that IS fun!)
Suction & how amazing it can be!
Ultra Violet light and why sun screen is so important!
Air and the shark balloon – we need lots of children to participate in this activity.
Can a child blow out a candle 4m away? (They can with help from science)
A hovercraft powered by a leaf blower that carries a person 80kg or less
Super Water rocket launcher (this is a FREE added extra with everyone outside.)
And much more…



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