The carving level is 11.2 metres underground, the 100 year old mine is 19.6 metres underground, subterranean tunnels open into vast chambers. The walls have over 700 eclectic carvings and paintings created by our artist Ron Canlin, the owner of this uniquely Australian attraction his talent is never ending.
Chambers of the Black Hand is both a collection of sculptures, hand carvings, paintings and an informative and entertaining tour of an opal mine that has been worked for over100 years, learn how hard it was for the old timers that dug by hand. Here you will get to see tunnels and shaft hand dug it is a very informative part of the tour.
All of the guides are very passionate about the opal and mining and love to share tales of the olden days between the 6 guides they have 180 years mining history behind them.
Trevor is very passionate and can tell you all about the opal plus combine his enthusiasm for opal mining and prospecting along with Ron’s passion for carving and art.. Complete your visit by calling in on Black Opal Jewellery Shop – also uniquely located 11.2 metres underground, It is the only underground shop in The Ridge


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