Whether you’re splashing in to Victoria’s newest water park, meeting furry friends or just relaxing under the gum trees, Gumbuya World is a full day’s fun for everyone.

The Boomerango: say goodbye to gravity as this slide shoots you up a near-vertical wall
The Taipan: Enjoy the thrills on our over 180 metre dark slide experience
The Lazy River: soak in the sun on a 300 metre peaceful cruise
Typhoon Island: Interactive Jungle gym with giant water bucket
Plus lots of other water activities and splashtastic fun!

Mining Race Coaster: our fun-for-all roller coaster
Rush Hour: strap in and get spun around and around
Tree Swings: hold on tight at this high-speed carousel swoops you off the ground
Coming January 2018

Berry Twirl: our super-sweet spin is everyone’s favourite ride
Take a swing on the Outback Pirates ship
Have a bumping ride on the Desert Derby dodgem cars
Join the truck convoy to Gerry’s Roadhouse
And so much more to keep the little ones entertained.

Adorable koalas and dingoes
Have close encounters in our Walkthrough Aviary and Wallaby trail
Get as close as you dare to incredible insects, lizards and baby crocodiles in the Critter Cave
Take part in animal feeding and great photo opportunities
Meet more animals as you explore the wildlife trail.

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