Today Bellingham Maze has a beautiful new lilly pilly hedge maze opened in March 2015. The NEW hedge maze took 20 months to regrow after the original,  worse for wear, cypress pine hedge maze was completely removed in 2013. A visit today means you’ll enjoy the wonderful 80×80 metre star shaped hedge maze. Families will enjoy the Dwarf Quiz or the Harry Potter quiz to keep the kids entertained as they wander around the maze.

Entry to the hedge maze is by a token gate with a token purchased from the tea house. Visitors are able to wander through the hedge maze at their leisure, find the tower in the middle and enjoy the views. On exiting the hedge maze there are other fun mazes – a rope maze, tyre maze, a wooden maze with a scrabble game and a unique, flat, 2 par mini golf course.

A garden cafe serves delicious Devonshire teas, espresso coffees and simple lunches for people on the go (sausage rolls, meat pies, scones, ice creams and milkshakes). Brain teasing puzzles are available to play with on the tables in the tea house and can be purchased from the shop – if you just want to take one home (or give as a gift).

Bellingham Maze originally opened to the public in 1993, is one of the most familiar attractions on the Sunshine Coast. This Queensland tourism icon is set in a lush tropical rainforest environment, located on Tanawha Tourist Drive #25 close to other popular Sunshine Coast attractions. Underwater World, Aussie World – The Ettamogah Pub and the best Sunshine Coast beaches are only minutes away (Coolum, Maroochydore, Alexandra Headland and Mooloolaba). A visit to Bellingham Maze Sunshine Coast tourist attraction is a must-do as part of your Sunshine Coast holiday.

The attraction has expanded over the last 12 years to include a range of maze-themed activities. These include the timber scrabble maze (2013), 18 hole unique flat mini golf course (2011), and a variety of smaller mazes including the rope maze, tyre maze, box of books maze and traffic lights maze. The garden cafe is a relaxing place to sit and enjoy your favourite coffee or a light lunch.

After you’ve spent lazy days on the beach there are plenty of interesting and fun Sunshine Coast things to do. So when it comes to your holiday Sunshine Coast, a visit to Bellingham Maze is a brain-teasing, relaxing day out for all the family and one of the favourite Sunshine Coast attractions.

Timber Maze
A new maze was made from timber in 2013 and is not as easy as you might think. Its unexpected twists and turns have been designed to baffle people of all ages with 1.8 metre high fences and clues that are not so easy to find. To play scrabble in the timber maze grab a quiz sheet from the cafe and see if you can find the scrambled letters at the 8 dead ends.


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