Australia’s Top 5 Experiences for Marine Lovers

With over 47,000 kms of coastline, Australia is a haven for those who love the water. Here are Australia’s most exhilarating experiences in and around the ocean: 1. The Great Barrier Reef Australia is home to the biggest coral reef eco system in the world. Covering over 300,000 square kilometres and comprising over 600 islands, it is a paradise for underwater lovers. Even snorkelers are able to see turtles and reef sharks gliding through the turquoise waters filled with colourful fish and coral. For experienced scuba divers, the most pristine diving conditions are to be found in the Coral Sea (travelling via live aboard boats from Cairns). 2. Whales Whales migrate north along the eastern seaboard in June/July and they migrate back south to feed in Antarctica with their young in September. During these times, there are several places all along the coast that offer whale watching trips. Hervey Bay probably has the best guarantee of sightings but if you’re really lucky they …
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