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Back in the studio, Chi Chi first hugged the little dislike that rushed to her enthusiastically, and then looked at everyone's work. Several brokers are all talking about business outside, and there are only two or three kittens left in the studio for logistics and legal staff. When the business was over, Chi Chi called Yu yuan into the small conference room. Du Mao, you should communicate with her more. She is not very confident now. "I know." Yu yuan paused and said, "a few days ago, someone in the studio said that Du Mao could be your assistant directly by virtue of the relationship between Gu Xi and Lu Nan." "The person who said these words must also be qualified to be an assistant to Gu Xi five years ago." Five years ago, Gu Xi was at the height of her power, and it was an absolutely enviable job to be her life assistant. Chi Chi knows very well that Du Mao's airborne landing has made some people's hearts sour, and she doesn't want her people to spend their time and energy on the so-called "workplace struggle." If you treat Du Mao better, they will be restrained. Chi Chi said to yuan. Yu yuan pointed to his nose with his finger. "Me?" "Yes, you, you are my confidant in their eyes." How long haven't you seen Yu yuan standing there? Chi Chi actually misses it a little. Yu yuan, who had finished a small meeting with Chi Chi, was hugged by Du Mao as soon as he came out. Yu yuan, I bought curry fish balls and now they have been heated in the microwave oven. Would you like to try them? "Curry.." Yuyuan? "Yes." Du Mao cheerfully dragged Yu yuan to the tea room. Preparations for the film "Da Liao Zhai" are in full swing, and the propaganda work for the TV series "Princess Pingyang Da Zhuan" is also being carried out wave after wave. Following the four seasons of the film flower, the new version of the "love and hatred" film flower is also on the line. Love, is Chai Shao's love for Pingyang,liquid bottle filling machine, is Pingyang's love for Chai Shao, these feelings are also mixed in this troubled times, appears precious, but also appears helpless. Taiyuan first encounter, wedding candles, riding together, side by side against the enemy,PET bottle Mold, because of their unique experience, this love is also mixed with too many unspeakable things. With a cry of grief from the aborted Li Qian, Chai Shao, thousands of miles away, shook his hand, and the letter he wrote to Pingyang was stained with abrupt mottled ink. Pianhua also entered the chapter of hate. Hatred is the hatred of the common people for those in power who treat them like dirt. The army that can't defend the frontier and the court that can't guarantee their living and working in peace and contentment suddenly become fierce and surging from the tenderness just now. The flames of war seem to burn the screen red. In such hatred, a new Dynasty is gradually established. The two sections of love and hatred highlight the transformation of the relationship between different characters, such as Li Qian and Li yuan, from love to tit-for-tat, such as Pingyang and the King of Qin, from brother-sister love to break in the snow.. Lan Yue is still very good at making films, picking up interesting points, which makes people hate that the TV series will be broadcast tomorrow. Some marketing accounts also quickly followed up, and GIFs and Miaopai videos were sent out one after another. After all, plastic bottle making machine ,water filling machine, the combination of Chi Chi, Feng Shuo and Lan Yue was enough to attract the public's attention, which made people full of expectations for the TV series. The most reprinted scene is Li Shimin's marriage to Li Qian, not only because this scene is the longest clip of two people's popularity in the film, but also because of this scene. I really have a feeling. Just a few words, just a few steps, Li Shimin was born out of the everlasting feeling. In the Tang Dynasty, the bride wore a green dress at the wedding. Director Mi Ziming respected this, but red was the main color on the set. When Li Qian stood on the wedding car and covered his face with a fan, Li Shimin's eyes passed by the red gauze curtain blown by the wind. The audience's vision turned red with his, and in the red halo, Li Qian's wedding car drove into the distance. I stand 23 orthopaedics! "23 is simply the spring of the wind eating party!" "The official forced the dead fan, ah, when will the TV series be broadcast, I want to eat candy!" "Brotherly love, Li Shimin is a good emperor, Li Sanniang is also a generation of strange women, the TV series can shoot their brotherhood so well, it is really touching." I feel so impure when I see upstairs.
” "Upstairs, you innocent, good man!" …… "Alas, the sound of nymphomaniac eating is everywhere, which makes me, a foodie, not want to follow the crowd." "I have transferred the film to the circle of friends, and then let my relatives follow the drama together." "Are you getting fat by eating?"? I think the face is round. "Too thin to hold up the feeling of armor, I think it's good to eat in it." "You Bubble!"! There is a new movie. When can you release a new video? I want to see a female general with two pieces of flowers together. "It will be cut out tomorrow, 233333 if I don't die of liver explosion due to excessive nymphomania." Let me howl again! Eat, eat, eat! So handsome! Why don't you marry me? Some people in the rice silk group to eat to express their love, to this, Qian Xiaohua is very disdainful, hum, in the rice silk group to express what is, to eat to eat myself one by one to express is really stunning! Hua Xiaohua wants to lose weight: "Seven eggs, you are so beautiful!"! Seven eggs, you are so handsome! Seven eggs, you are beautiful every day to a new level! The idle person that does not eat an egg: "Hum, knew, how is your paper prepared?"? When will you reply? Qian Xiaohua, who is already a senior this year, is preparing for the graduation defense, and Chi Chi is still remembering this. Hua Xiaohua wants to lose weight: "I'm sure it's no problem!"! Seven eggs, you can't insert my knife today. The idle person that does not eat an egg: "Does graduation rejoin still have a problem ability strange?" Someone also matched an expression of spreading his hands. Hua Xiaohua wants to lose weight: … Seven eggs,PET blow moulding machine, you are so annoying! The idle person that does not eat an egg: "You defend well, I give you a graduation gift." Hua Xiaohua wants to lose weight: "!!!"! What did you say? Am I dazzled? Am I dreaming? No, I have to take a screenshot as evidence first. Hua Xiaohua wants to lose weight: "What graduation gift?"? When do I get it? Come on! I'll apply for an early defense right away! 。 gzxilinear.com