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As soon as these three big characters were written down, they immediately turned into a faint blue light, which seeped into the golden elixir and disappeared from the famous tablet. By the time the young man in the blue shirt fell down, his name had already appeared on the test tablet. He looked at his ranking, the eleventh place in the golden elixir test, the master of prescription. This name is now the first in the Jindan Hall of Fame in Nan'anzhou, but the young man in the blue shirt still shook his head in disappointment and did not have much pride. Fang Zhong Shi is indeed the eleventh, for the present Nan'anzhou Jindan Friar, he is still the first ah. "Yes, the thunder department skill is too intrepid, not only the fighting capacity is intrepid, is also invincible on the golden elixir test tablet, besides those several missing predecessors, actually he is the first." "You will know what the gap is when you see that people are not satisfied." There was a lot of discussion among the monks around, but the expression of Fang Zhong Shi, who had just won the eleventh place on the Golden Elixir Test Stele, was flat and unusual. Except when he just fell down and saw the place, there was a faint accident. At this time, he had already recovered his calmness and insipidity. Suddenly he saw a woman in white walking toward a group of women on the edge of the Stele Square, with joy in her eyes, and immediately hurried to follow her. Because Fang Zhong Shi easily got the eleventh place, and before the golden elixir test, those golden elixir monks who were keen on the test gave up to continue the test, and many monks even made up their minds to enter the top ten when they came to the test next time. There are so many people at this time, if the ranking is too low, it will make people laugh. Master Fang Zhong of Lei Yun Zong has met all the elder martial sisters of the Xuanbing Sect. Master Fang was very polite, and as soon as he came over,warehouse storage racks, he folded his fists and said eagerly. Younger Martial Brother Fang is really different. He just came here and got the eleventh place in the test. In fact, this place is the first. Congratulations. The woman who had been called Sister Rong by the Xuanbing Sect before smiled, and the rest of her expressions were gone, as if she was sincerely congratulating Fang Zhongshi. The round-faced girl looked at the master with a worshipful face and almost came forward with the signature book. Fang Zhongshi said without a trace of pride, "Sister Rong laughed, and Fang could not say this achievement at all.". Not to mention the ten predecessors in front of the famous tablet, even Sister Rong will not be worse than Fang. "Elder Martial Brother Fang, is your goal to get into the top ten of the Golden Elixir Test?" The round-faced girl suddenly asked. Fang Zhong Shi nodded cautiously and said, "Yes, although I don't expect to reach the top, I must enter the top ten of the test tablet before I am promoted to yuan Ying." With that, he looked at the woman in white who had just come, but the woman in white and the other two women were talking in surprise, as if they had not seen him at all. Sister Qingxue. When Tang Beiwei saw the woman in white, Automated warehouse systems ,metal racking systems, she rushed over and hugged her tightly. Luo Ying also came over, and the three of them soon got a little excited. After years of separation, this is the first time the three of them have met since they came to Nan'anzhou. Sister Su Su, Beiwei, I always want to come and see you when I'm alone, but. Ning Qingxue's eyes turned red as she spoke. She and Luo Ying are almost the same, if not because of Kui, even if it is exciting things, can also contain their feelings. But Tang Beiwei and Ye Ling are different, they will put their own joy and anger on their faces. If possible, Ning Qingxue would rather be with Luo Ying and Beiwei than stay alone in the misty fairy pool. The three of them had not seen each other for years, and apart from telling each other about their recent lives, the only thing they talked about was Kui. Speaking of Kui, three people's expressions are obviously a little lonely, with their reputation, if Kui is in Nan'anzhou, it is absolutely impossible not to know, but in fact, Kui has not been found yet. The only explanation is that he is not in Nan'anzhou. Zhao Rong and Fang Zhong Shi, who were still talking just now, looked at the excited three with some surprise. Luo Su-su's beauty is known throughout Nan'anzhou, but the people of Xuanbing School know better that Luo Su-su is a person who doesn't like to talk very much. Apart from Tang Beiwei, she seldom says anything more to other people, let alone being so excited today. But the woman in white who spoke excitedly with Tang Beiwei and Luo Su-su, Zhao Rong just knew.
Although the two did not have any handover, Zhao Rong also knew that the woman was Ning Qingxue of Piaomiao Fairy Pool and one of the ten beauties of Nan'anzhou. Generally speaking, although the ten beauties of Nan'anzhou are very famous, there is really no such intimacy between them as Luo Su-su and Ning Qingxue. Tang Beiwei and Luo Su-su are intimate because they seem to come from the same place. As for the relationship between Ning Qingxue and Luo Su-su, Zhao Rong did not know. Luo Su-su, Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei are talking together excitedly, and the three colors of white sè, green sè and light yellow dress add radiance and beauty to each other are even more eye-catching. The eyes of the whole test monument square were almost attracted at this moment. Younger Martial Sister Qingxue, the speed of your practice is really fast. It's already three layers of golden elixir. Fang Zhong Shi suddenly came over and said with a smile. Who are you? Did you call it light snow? Tang Beiwei had not yet spoken, but Luo Su-su asked coldly. Master Fang's face was slightly embarrassed, but he disappeared in a twinkling of an eye. He thought that Luo Su-su had done it on purpose, and it was absolutely impossible to say that there were still people who did not know other masters. He is not only the first in the Golden Elixir Hall of Fame, but also the eleventh in the Golden Elixir Test Monument, which is equal to the first. What's more, he had just announced himself, but Luo Su-su actually asked him who he was, and what was it if it wasn't intentional? He didn't know that Luo Su-su really didn't know who he was, but he didn't like it when he accosted Ning Qingxue. Master Fang Zhong had a first-class demeanor. Although he was a little embarrassed, he still smiled and folded his fists and said, "Master Fang Zhong of the Lei Yun Sect has seen Sister Luo Su-su of the Xuanbing Sect." The tone is sincere without a trace of perfunctory taste,asrs warehouse, not even a trace of frivolity. Luo Ying frowned and was about to pull Tang Beiwei and Ning Qingxue to another place to talk when he heard someone say again, "Sister Su Su, I didn't expect you to come to the Stele Square." 。 kingmoreracking.com