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Of course, not only did Wu Xin not want to see Tang Yuming, but Tang Yuming also did not want to see Wu Xin, if not because he was elegant. Forced pressure of their own disgust, looking at the opposite kept talking "cousin", Tang Yuming has not known what the other side is saying, he only knows that this moment is so long. And Wu Xin said a lot of things, and his mouth was dry, just to delay time. Chapter 984 here comes someone. Delaying time, it is not easy to have the opportunity to come to Tang Yuming's office, naturally to record every corner of these places. Through the various small products given to him by Yu Yiye, the data of Tang Yuming's office began to be transmitted to Yu Yiye's hand belt one by one. Looking at the screen that keeps refreshing, as well as the new folders that appear after each refresh, Yu Yiye breathed a sigh of relief silently in his heart, and it seemed to be going smoothly. I hope the rest will be the same. I hope nothing happens. With his eyes drooping, his curly hair hanging in front of his chest, his still straight back, and the unpredictable screen in front of him, Yu Yiye has a different kind of mystery. Unfortunately, too many people can't see all this. Li Ze wanted to withdraw his eyes from the rearview mirror and continue to drive seriously. The sound of the pages turning sounded in the rear, and the atmosphere in the car returned to the beginning,x52 line pipe, very quiet. Jiang Huimin had already received a report from the following people, saying that Yu Yiye went to the Chinese Academy of Sciences yesterday, as if he was talking about cooperation. At least, Yu Yiye got the certificate of entry and exit. So when can I come here. We agreed to study space materials together. Some depressed, but also some expectations, to know that the cooperation between Yiye and the Chinese Academy of Sciences was settled a long time ago, and their cooperation with the Textile Industry Federation has been settled for some time. Although Yu Yiye also provided a lot of help, such as the production and improvement of materials,uns s32750 sheet, but that is preliminary, if we can let Yu Yiye stay for a few days. No, not for a few days. Just two days. Just two days. That's absolutely different. After all, it was Yu Yiye. When I think of this, I am full of expectations! "蕙姐 ! President Yu Yiye is here! When the phone rang, suddenly the train of thought was interrupted, but when the words after picking up the phone exploded in the ear, Jiang Huimin did not care about these things long ago. Hurrying to the gate, Yu Yiye's visit was not notified in advance, so he was stopped here. Sister Hui, I'm sorry I'm a little late. The apology in Yiye's smile is obvious, but Jiang Huimin doesn't care. It's good to see Yiye now, which is quite a surprise. Yu Yiye also saw that Jiang Huimin was quite welcome to her arrival, but this also led to her some apologies, people have been looking forward to you, 316l stainless steel pipe ,321 stainless steel sheet, but you have delayed again and again. Silently rubbed his head, the heart of their own complaints did not reduce, in a leaf feel that they should show some sincerity, at least in these few days, she can help them overcome some problems to overcome some problems. From the name of the Textile Industry Federation, it is not a place for experiments, but in fact it is not Jiang Huimin who is going to take Yu Yiye to the laboratory now, which is distributed in various places. I need someone to take it with me, otherwise I'm afraid I can't find it. It's obvious that we need to continue our visit, but before that, Yu Yiye has something to say. Sister Hui, I don't have much time, so I may only come in the afternoon these days, only half a day. "Ah, I know, I know. Is it right at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?" Jiang Huimin this is not equal to a leaf said immediately gave the answer, of course she knows, so do not care. Thank you, Sister Hui. This preventive injection has been given, so the next step is to visit everywhere. Yu Yiye, an aerospace material, was applied in the unmanned vehicle, and it was still very good when it was tested. After the introduction, Yu Yiye saw something that the Chinese Academy of Sciences did not have. I have to say that the art industry is really specialized.
"Didn't our country's space station Tiangong II go up to the sky before?" Jiang Huimin, full of pride, introduced to Yu Yiye, "The textile materials there are all developed by our subordinate research institutes." Although this kind of thing has been well known by people, and even has been said countless times, but every time the opening, the pride and pride in the heart can not be hidden at all. When the International Space Station is retired in 2024, our country's Tiangong II will become the only space station in the world. But our pursuit of the space station can not be too low, so the current situation is that our space station will be further expanded. Of course, Yu Yiye knew that she had already considered this when she was working with them. The future that Huaxing will face in the future is to face the universe. The space station is a good springboard, and how can this springboard be more lofty? Anyway, the area, or the function, how should it be like a space island? Yes, Yu Yiye's dream is to build a space island. I understand, and I will try my best to participate. It seemed like a casual remark, but Yu Yiye knew it was true. Come on, let's have a rest and continue to go to another place. Jiang Huimin handed Yu Yiye a glass of water, and the two of them sat down on a bench. When two women are together, there must be all kinds of strange topics besides work, which is a unique way for women to get closer. At the same time, on a expressway in China, a series of five transport vehicles are running on the expressway, and their destination is the seaside. Xu Baiyu has been preparing since he received the notice from Yu Yiye. After all,347 stainless steel, his shipyard will change soon, or the name of his shipyard will change, so everything must be ready. lksteelpipe.com